Señora J. Spain


I am a native of Charleston. I have been teaching Spanish at Fort Johnson Middle School for 16 years. I enjoy traveling and learning about new cultures; my travels have taken me to Mexico, Spain, Portugal, Ecuador,and Costa Rica.

I am excited for a new year to share my love of language and travel with my students!

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Phone: (843)762-2740

7th Grade Remind 101 Instructions

8th Grade Remind 101 Instructions


7th and 8th grade culture requirement

El Día de Cultura Recipes.pdf Spanish Reading Requirement:

Every nine weeks, 7th and 8th grade Spanish students are required to read a book about or set in a Spanish-Speaking culture. Students need to pass an AR quiz by the end of the nine weeks. This requirement counts as 5% of the nine weeks' grade. Student can check out books from the school library or from Sra. Spain's collection.

El Día de Cultura
On Fun Fridays, 7th and 8th grade students may make a dish to share with the class. The food must be typical of the region that we are studying that nine weeks.

First Nine Weeks: Spain
Second Nine Weeks: The Caribbean
Third Nine Weeks: South America
Fourth Nine Weeks: Mexico and Central America

Recipes for Culture Day Food

Día de los Muertos Recipes


Sra. Spain's Parent Letter: Spanish 1

Important Information Sheet: 7th Grade

Important Information Sheet: 8th Grade

How to make accents on the computer

How to complete and submit quiz corrections

Review Games

Spanish Games at 123 Teach Me

Spanish Games at Digital Dialects

Spanish Activities at BBC

Spanish Vocabulary Practice at

6th Grade Exploratory

Vocabulary: Numbers 1-20

Vocabulary: ColorsVocabulary: Spanish Alphabet

Vocabulary: Days and Months

Quia Review Page

7th Grade Spanish 1A

Google Classroom Link

Quizlet Class Page (Vocabulary lists and practice)

Quia Review Page

Unidad Preliminar Vocabulary

Vocabulario Preliminar 1 Meeting New People

Vocabulario Preliminar 2 Classroom Vocabulary and Phrases

Vocabulario Preliminar 3 Numbers, Days, and Dates

Unidad 1 ¿Quién Soy Yo? Vocabulary

Vocabulario 1.1 Describing Yourself

Vocabuario 1.2 Hair, Eyes, and Ages

Vocabulario 1.3 Likes, Dislikes, and Favorites

Unidad 2 Mis Amigos y Familia Vocabulary

Vocabulario 2.1 Family and Professions

Vocabuario 2.2 Describing Multiple People

Vocabulario 2.3 Question Words


8th Grade Spanish 1B

Google Classroom Link

Quizlet (Vocabulary lists and practice)

Repaso: Vocabulario

Unidad 2: Mis amigos y familia: Vocabulario

Unidad 3:En el colegio: Vocabulario

Unidad 4: ¿Qué pasa?

Unidad 5: En la casa

Unidad 6: ¡A comer!

Unidad 7: Vamos al centro

Quia Review Page