Mrs. Turner

I am excited to be teaching The Art of Language to your 6th grade scholar! 

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In ELA 6 we will cover the following topics/content. Based on your individual learning needs, the order is subject to change.

This year our focus is on Identity and Character. Our driving questions will be: “What makes a real hero?” “What makes a good friend?” “To what extent do we discover (as opposed to create) our true selves?” We will also read and examine literature based on the 6 Levels of Thinking.

  1. Poetry, Figurative Language, and Folklore

  2. Grammar Norms

  3. Literary Elements and Novel Studies

  4. Argumentative Writing and The Art of Persuasion

  5. Visual Literacy through media and art

  6. Drama and Narratives

  7. Genius Hour

Required Reading: All students have Required Reading each quarter. You  will be notified when they have specific genres to focus on throughout the year. Your independent reading book MUST BE WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES. When you finish assignments before class ends, you always have the option to read silently.

*After each book you read, you will take an AR quiz. If AR does not have your book, you will receive an alternative assignment from Mme. Turner. Please reach out for anything! I am here to help navigate your 2018-2019 school year. Email: Phone: 843-762-2784