Job Shadow Day

CRMS Job Shadow Day is scheduled for February 5, 2019! Please encourage and assist your children to participate. Contact a business that is in your children's interest area and seek permission to job shadow on February 5th. See attached packet for specific guidelines and procedures. In order to job shadow and earn an excused absence from school, all paperwork must be completed and turned in to Mrs. Ciucci no later than January 31.

NOTE: There are several job sites that require additional paperwork or my approval/coordination in order to shadow, including the Charleston City Police Department, Federal Wildlife Service and the Department of Natural Resources.

If shadowing at another school, I must receive written confirmation from a teacher or principal acknowledging that shadowing is permitted at that campus. 

View Job Shadow "Tips of the Day" here: Job Shadowing Tips of the Day 2019.pdf

Please take plenty of photos and email them to Mrs. Ciucci.

Download Job Shadow Forms Here
Groundhog Packet 2019.pdf


Please remember that your shadowing worksheets are due when you return to school as part of your excused absence. These forms are evidence that you participated in job shadowing and very helpful for Mrs. Ciucci to make business contacts for future school career development events. You will receive your shadow worksheets in Home Room on the day before you shadow, or you can download and print the form here: 
Groundhog Connecting Worksheet 19.pdf