Art - Mr. Brown

Born and Raised: Ogdensburg, NY
Education: BFA in Drawing, University of Florida
                  BA in Education, University of Cincinnati
Years at Camp Road/JIMS: 9
Kitchen Specialty: Beef Stroganoff

Art - Mr. Brown
I am excited t start my 9th year at CRMS with lots of new projects to work through with my students.  We Related Arts teachers are in the unique position of working with the same students for three years, so it is nice to once again teach familiar faces and continue to see them learn and grow. Looking forward to a great year!

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Phone: (843)762-2784

Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8:00am-4:00pm

this week's updates & assignments
September 24-28
6th Grade: Descriptive Word Project; Colored Pencil
7th Grade: Pastel and Ink Drawing
8th Grade: Song Lyric Project; colored Pencil, Sharpie